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Members are earning passive income & referring others! You'll earn 5-15% Per Week without the emotional roller coaster ride while CFX teaches you how to Trade the Forex (FX) Market if you want to learn. Your investment will double approximately every 3 months without adding any new money.


 CFX Automated "Copy Trading" Platform  

Get Access tp CFX Trade AcademyVideo #1:

 Cash FX LIVE Presentation Video!

Video #2:   

Interview With Cash FX Owner Huascar Lopez

This is the video that motivated me to move forward with Cash FX.  An excellent discussion with the founder and CEO.


The Cash FX "Trading Pool" will earn you (every member) approximately 1 - 2% PER DAY on AUTOPILOT!

You'll "Earn while you Learn" / Cash FX Financial Services are good for everyone (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)! 

You'll love Cash FX's "Copy Trading" Platform & Trading Academy E-Learning Plans (Ad Packs); Beginners learn how to trade FX successfully...while Advanced Traders get help on FX trades.

3 Ways to Join:

1. Earn Investment Interest on Autopilot (ROI). Thanks to AI technology, you can simply invest and watch it grow.
     - Requires NO WORK or Forex Trading EVER
2. Learn a life skill and EARN MORE faster by building a team.
     - Requires as much work as you prefer.
3. EARN while you LEARN
     - Participate on the LIVE Trades with the Cash FX traders
     - Leverage your time freedom FASTER!!



Video #3: 

Cash FX Launch Event (2019)

These folks are for real when it comes to helping others make money.

Members are earning passive income without even trading.

let me in now See Page2 - Example of Cash FX Earnings

STEP 4: The Comp Plan!

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Secure Your Position!
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 Cash FX's Comp Plan is sustainable without new members!  No Monthly Fee! 

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Easy to plunge in and get started right away. Just click on this link.

   Cash Forex GroupCFX Office 

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The PRODUCT works!  "Copy Trading" is safe - additional earnings for you if you're a trader - on top of what you'll already be receiving from the Cash FX "Trading Pool."

Copy Trading allows you to directly copy the positions taken by Cash FX. You'll decide the amount you wish to trade and simply copy everything they do automatically in real-time. When Cash FX makes a trade, as an option, your own individual brokerage account can make that same trade as well. Cash FX is secure by employing four world-class traders behind the scene of their AI technology trading (robots) to make sure that when there is a shift in the FX Markets...or "as the sea changes", there'll be no major losses or blown accounts - with 23 consecutive months of positive trading success to date (March2021). Cash FX allows you to see every trade happening LIVE in the portal.

You'll "Earn Real Passive Income", "Create LEVERAGE by referring others", and "Learn how to Trade the FOREX MARKET". CFX's Ad Packs are well organized, easy to follow online training videos.

Cash FX trades FOR YOU in the "Trading Pool"..with 85 - 90% success rate on FX Trades..earning you 5 - 15% Per Week.  A "Copy Trading" member can earn more along with the "Trading Pool", and there's no cost for Copy Trading! You'll be in control of your money, able to withdraw it out at anytime. 

The power of multiplication is real and everybody has a number that excites them! "If you can double a penny everyday, you'll have $1Million in a month" It's true! Doubling a penny each day becomes $1,342,177.20 after 27 days...So the sooner earnings begins, the better for you to get to a monthly earnings number that excites you - i.e. $2,000/month or whatever it is...$300 doubled 10 times = $153,600. 
               let me in now Page 2 for CFX Earnings Example (20% per month)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question #1: After I click on the Register button, it says Cash FX is only accepting members from outside of my country.
Answer: Keep in mind that Cash FX is worldwide headquartered in Panama, and Cash FX is not yet in every single country our region.  Each area has specific signup requirements.
If you have questions about creating your account, contact me (William - QR Code) @ (832) 379-2329, and I'll be sure you are registered and have your account set up and running within 24-48 hours. Make the Opening Text Statement "Cash FX Registration." Provide your First Name, Last Name, and the email address you wish to use for your Cash FX account. I'll contact you A.S.A.P.
Question #2: Does it cost anything to register and create my account with the Cash FX Group?
Answer: No! When you register and create your account, you're permitted to access your Cash FX Dashboard, and you're able to view many resource tools and additional information to aid you in your knowledge of The Cash FX Group. No monetary committment is needed at this point.
Question #3: Can I talk to others who have joined our Cash FX Team?
Answer: Yes!  After you register and create your free account, you'll have access to our Private Facebook group designed explicitly for our Cash FX Team. We have hundreds of fellow Cash FX team members to learn from, broaden our knowledge base, and to ask questions.  Just text me after you create your free account and I'll get you in the group!   Just send me the Opening Text Statement  "CFX Facebook Group" with your name & email!   
Question #4: Since Cash FX uses bitcoin, how do I transfer currency?
Answer: The most common way of transferring bitcoin into dollars and vice versa is to use Coinbase. If you need to create your free account Click Here to sign up.
Question #5: If I have any more questions, who can I contact?
Answer:   Contact me @ (832) 379-2329 or 1-888-599-5051 for any further assistance that you need, and I'll respond within 24hrs. Call me after you watch the videos.  
FYI: Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. Please only trade money you can afford to lose if you "Copy Trade" No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity. Participation in the Cash Forex Group Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success. Both hard work and following the structure of the Rewards Plan are required for results.       Linked In Reynolds Financial Services        Blogger Reynolds Financial Services